We offer affordable 'flat rate shipping' via USPS which means we can safely ship up to 4 bottles of WildeBerryaki, WildeCurryaki (new) or SpicyBerryaki for just $12.65 shipping & handling because that's as many bottles as we can fit in the box with the necessary bubble wrap at that price! It's a great rate if you're ordering multiple bottles...not so much if you're just ordering a Solo. And we don't mark-up S&H. 

Please indicate in note field which kind(s) of sauce you want in your order. We can mix and match the above sauces...just let us know your preference!

SPECIAL SALE on WildeBerryaki with cosmetically damaged lids! Perfect for home use but not as gifts. No damage to contents just minor cosmetic damage to lids...our loss, your gain! Click on Final Sale item option to order in pack of 4 only.  

*Washington state residents -- please note that WA is a destination-based sales tax state, so tax will be added to your purchase.

$36.99 + s/h
$13.98 + s/h
$20.97 + s/h
$27.96 + s/h
$15.66  + s/h

(1 - 12oz bottle)
(2 - 12oz bottles)
(3 - 12oz bottles)
(4 - 12oz bottles)
(4- 12oz bottles)w/
cosmetically damaged lids -no refunds! WildeBerryaki only

Duo Pack
Tri Pack
Final sale
On-line Orders:

  • Whole Foods Market Bellevue, Redmond, Westlake, Roosevelt, WA  website
  • Clinton Foodmart  Clinton, WA website
  • The Goose Grocer Langley, WA  website
  • Greenbank Farm Cheese Shop Greenbank, WA  website
  • Janelle's Gluten-Free Market Everett, WA website
  • Pay-Less Food Store Freeland, WA  website
  • Red Apple Markets Clinton, WA  website
  • The Star Store Bayview & Langley, WA  website
  • AJ's on the Green Restaurant, Cathedral City, CA website 

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